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HandyDaylight - Solarspot® systems supplied and fitted in the Surrey, Hampshire, Middlesex and Sussex areas.

The brightest solar tube for your home - guaranteed
A Solarspot® sun tube is the brightest way to banish those dark and gloomy spaces in your property. Patented technologies and the world's most reflective tubing material ensure that the maximum amount of light is collect from outside and delivered into the heart of your home.
But don't just take our word for it. In recent testing carried out by the independent and respected BRE, the Solarspot was shown to be significantly brighter than any other solar tube system available, delivering around 70% more light than any other rigid system of the same size. Compare it with a flexible system and it will be at least 10 times brighter.

Handy and Solarspot®
HandyDaylight supply and install Solarspot systems in the Surrey, Hampshire, Middlesex and Sussex areas. We can help you select the right system for your home and then install it for you. And for your peace of mind, all of our work is guaranteed and the Solarspot has a 10 year warranty.

And don't just take our word for it, ask our customers. If you want to see a Solarspot system installed and get some independent feedback about our service, we'll be happy to put you in touch with an existing customer, see the system working and ask them about working with us.

Choosing the right system for your home

The size of Solarspot you require will be based on the size of the room and what the room is used for. Small rooms such as bathrooms and landings can be lit with the smaller Solarspot D-25 system. The diameter of the tube is only 250mm (10 inches) yet it is able to light spaced up to 12 sqm and can be up to 6 meters long. For larger rooms, like kitchens and living rooms, the Solarspot D-38 can transform spaces up to 22 sqm and carry the light for distances of up to 11 meters.

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Bathrooms and shower rooms
A Solarspot D-25 is the perfect way to bring in daylight to dark or windowless bathrooms and en suites. In fact, this compact 250mm unit will normally make the room brighter than it would be with a frosted glass window. You can also combine the daylight unit with an electric light fitting for night time use.

Hallways and stairs
Many houses are left without windows in their hallways and landings making them dark and unwelcoming to visitors. The introduction of a Solarspot system can remedy this situation in a matter of hours, giving you a bright welcoming hallway full of natural light. These are also ideal areas to benefit from the combined light kit, reducing the ceiling clutter and need to dust unsightly lampshades.

Kitchens and living rooms
Bungalow kitchens and living room can be notoriously difficult to light naturally, and if you add an extension or conservatory then the situation can get rather bleak. If there is access to the roof from the room below then the space can be transformed with one or two larger Solarspot D-38 units. In fact, these rooms often end up being brighter than before.

To find out more about brightening your home with Solarspot, or for a free, no-obligation survey, contact HandyDaylight today on 07706 039159 or handy@localhandy.co.uk.

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